Myths and Legends - Awards Received

In further monument to my vanity :-) let it be known that Myths and
Legends has received the following awards:

Mystic's Award from the Mystical WWW.
Computer Currents Interactive It is a week of August 11th 1997 link of the week for Computer Currents Interactive
it is a winner of the Arcana award from The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, based in Florida.
A Folk Tales site of Excellence! and it is a Folk Tales site of Excellence

Canaanite/Ugaritic Mythology FAQ - awards received

And be it also known that my Canaanite/Ugaritic Mythology FAQ page has won these awards:
Legendary Site of the Weekfor the week of 27 May to 9 June 1996
StudyWebIt is a featured site for StudyWeb, as is the Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ and the Sumerian Mythology FAQ.
Now, I'm sort of wondering whether these awards are a clever way to get me to recipricol link to pages which may not have much myth content. I greatly appreciate all the pages which have linked to mine, but the number of them is overwhelming. In fact, if I provided a link back to every page which linked to Myths and Legends, there would be more recipricol links than links on the main page. So - so see who's linked to me, do what I do and go to AltaVista and type in the search field.
Myths and Legends
Christopher B. Siren